120 VAC Waterless Solution
Capacity: Six people for part-time vacation use, four people for full-time residential use. Fully Automatic.

The BioLet 60 XL is the only biological toilet to carry the Swan Ecolabel. This certification is the most prestigious approval in Europe and is the most thorough testing for closed toilet systems in the world. Read more about the Swan Ecolabel click here.

For those who need extra capacity the BioLet 60 XL is the right choice. Rated for 4 people full-time use and 6 people part-time use the 60 XL is the perfect size for your home or vacation cottage where you take the "whole clan" along on the weekends.

Equipped with a thermostat, fan, automatic mixer and automated liquid controls the 60 XL is the easiest to operate composting toilet on the market today.

As with all BioLets the 60 XL is easy to install by anyone with basic handyman knowledge in just a couple hours with common household tools.

Technical Specifications
Environmentally safe composting toilets for part-time cottage and full-time residential use. NSF tested & approved.

4 people full-time use
6 people part-time use


355 Watts max
25 Watt fan (runs continuously)
25 Watt mixer (runs for 1 minute after each use)
305 Watt heaters (thermostatically controlled)


Height - 26"
Seat height 20"
Width - 25.5"
Depth - 32"
Total depth for installation - 60" (additional space for removal of tray)

Height - 29"
Width - 26"
Length - 35"


Shipping - 86 lb


Casing of ABS - plastic. Mixing arms and other important metal components of stainless steel.


Body - Limited Lifetime
Remaining Parts - 3-year

Box Contains:

1 - BioLet 60 XL Composting Toilet
1 - 8 gallon bag Starter Mulch
1 - Emptying frame
1 - Winterizing plug
1 - Manual mixing rake
5 - 2' sections 54 mm white vent pipe,
     belled 1 end
1 - 2' section 54 mm white vent pipe,

1 - 22" section 108 mm black vent pipe,
     belled 1 end
1 - 26" section 108 mm black vent pipe,
2 - 22" sections Styrofoam insulation
1 -108 mm X 54 mm reducing coupler
1 - Roof flashing
1 - Insect netting

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